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August 06, 2008


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Well sometimes we are free
to choose from whatever somebody else decided to put on the shelf.

And it is a self-perpetuating fallacy, the store will continue to sell what is most popular and sells most (or leaves highest profit margin) ...

but this does not necessarily mean it is what most people want, it simply means it is what most people buy in that store from what is on offer in that store.

Imaging Marketing & Branding. Go to a superstore or chain of supermalls, agree exclusivity for your product (if you can) and your product will soon become a best seller.

That's how coke did it, by offering cold drink dispensers to the US military wherever they went.

Of course now there are hundreds of cold drinks brands, and todays economy means they can all have their colourful chilled dispensers - and the big ones (suxh as coke) are still the most popular thru branding, marketing, and the sheer weight of inertia.

Can any other product or cold drink replicate the Coca-Cola story, Nope
Can any other pop star be as well known as Elvis or Michael Jackson, when they are swimming in a sea of competition.

But weight I'm off track.
Did anyone have the freedom to choose which record, CD or DVD they bought first, or did it depend on which DVD was available at the local store, and which song/film had been promoted in their Country (radio/tv) that month.

Always difficult to choose when to release a blockbuster or hit song. Always a better chance of success when there are less movies or songs released on the month you release yours.

Of course a best seller is not necessarily the best film or book. The best seller is simply that the best seller.

Marsha Keeffer

Yes, timing is important. And if you're just a small voice in the great Internet, you may have a tough time being heard. The Internet has changed music. Used to be you just took what the record label offered. Now indie bands flourish and develop their own following. Everyone is their own publisher. I couldn't have seen your beautiful photos of constellations before the Internet.

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